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Discovering Ron Paul: From Nut to Hero

I was asked to digg my experience, so here it is :

The first time I spent any time listening to Ron Paul was at the Republican debates at Reagan Library on January 30, 2008. But I still paid little attention to him and did not want to bother finding out what he was all about. Since Romney has a history of turning bad financial situations around, and is very intelligent, I was supporting him and pretty much making fun of Ron Paul, just like most everyone else.

But I was not making fun of Ron Paul for what he stood for, I didn’t really know, I was merely making fun of him because of first impressions and what the media was telling me about him – especially Sean Hannity.

Even prior to the Reagan debate, I had been told about Ron Paul, but didn’t really understand what he stood for or what his values really were. As a result, I always had the impression he was a red-nosed ‘clown’ with no chance of winning, and he seemed to get too excited and whine too much when he talked. I was basically purely and ignorantly judging him based upon exactly what the media was representing him as.

After hearing a little about Ron Paul from someone, I still thought he was a nut! How could we just pull out of a war and give up, essentially losing everything already sacrificed? I had personally been involved in two similar wars, where it felt like the government just gave up, and in doing so seemingly made all the great sacrifices for naught. Ron Paul is nuts, I thought.

How did this change?

It was only through a significant outrageous event that I began to wake up to the reality all around me.

The massive government raid on the FLDS ranch got me searching the Internet for what the hell was going on.

At first, I went to Hannity.com to post there and ask questions, but found out that most the people in those forums were actually a bunch of ignorant name-calling people that were happy that these people got raided. They had no clue how the government was abusing the Constitution and these FLDS people, and didn’t care.

After many searches for news media on the FLDS and seeing all the misrepresentations and outrageous claims and lies made by the government and parroted by the media, the final search before I spent the time to become aware of who Ron Paul really is, was here to www.dailypaul.com.

After coming here, I found many people that realized the same things as I did, that these FLDS people were having their rights severely violated by the government, there was almost nobody at Daily Paul that disagreed. I was amazed at the difference in the people from Sean Humanity’s site compared to Daily Paul; it was the difference between discussing things with a 4th grade bully constantly calling names for no purpose other than noise, to an educated group of adults talking about issues around the table. That made a big impression on me.

After that, I realized I really needed to spend some time finding out who Ron Paul was and to also stop listening to Sean Hannity and the TV.

Finally taking the time to actually listen to what Ron Paul had been saying all along, I was overwhelmed — I couldn’t believe how distorted the truth and media had been about Paul, and how foolish I had been to not even listen to the man when considering Presidential candidates.

I imagine the rest of the nation is still in the same boat as I was, floating happily around the tip of a massive iceberg of excessive government hiding directly beneath the surface. Without a significant event that really makes a big splash, catches their attention and grabs a hold of them, shaking them out of their slumber, they will continue to believe the TV and pay no attention to Ron Paul.

In the end, it’s now obvious I was the nut, and so are the rest of the ignorant Americans, ignoring Ron Paul by default, ignoring Ron Paul because they are told to. Not even educating themselves on the most viable candidate for actually honoring his oath of office.

As for the war, now I realize we shouldn’t have been there to begin with, it was justified based upon lies, the head of the CIA was disgracefully forced to resign because of it. With my newfound realization that we went to war based upon lies, it’s apparent that leaving is not giving up everything already sacrificed, leaving is cutting our losses short and preventing further unnecessary sacrifice – the longer we stay, the more we lose.

Now I know the truth.

Ron Paul supporters are actually educated on the issues, they know the truth and they know what is going on – many of those supporting other candidates merely watch TV to found the basis of their opinions and ignore everything else past that point – and I am embarrassed to say, I was one of them.

If there is anyone that should be President of America, it is the person that will actually honor the oath of office, ignoring any criticisms regardless of how popular they might seem to be, and strictly defend the Constitution of the United States against all attacks, both foreign and domestic.

While nobody else dared to, Ron Paul has done just that, consistently, for decades, even if bravely standing alone for what was right.

Ron Paul is an American Hero.


The above post was so honest I just had to include it here today.  Deep Bows to this poster on the Daily Paul.


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By Carol Paul   I’ve been contacted a few times about writing a personal story of our family, because we have been called “The American Dream” family by people who know us well. In doing this, it would have to start with the man RON PAUL, who saw the American Dream and decided that it could be his – and now he wants it to be yours if you so choose.Ron’s grandfather came from Germany at the age of 14. After being here six months, his father died and he had to make his way in a new country with a new language. He became a truck farmer in a small town in Pennsylvania. He eventually married, and had four sons and one daughter. The second son was Howard Paul, Ron’s father.Howard Paul continued to run the dairy that his father started from the basement garage of their home. They had horse-drawn delivery wagons. Howard was able, with an 8th grade education, to build a dairy with 20 refrigerated trucks and a modern dairy building. Ron’s mother kept the books and raised five sons, who were all born within seven years during the 1930’s.Ron was the third son of Howard and Margaret Paul, and was brought up with the work ethic that you worked six days a week and went to church on the seventh. Ron’s first job at age 5 was to watch his uncle wash the bottles and put them on a conveyer belt. He got a penny for every dirty bottle that he found. He was serious about his job and was very proud that he could help.Ron delivered newspapers in grade school early in the morning. You had to put the newspapers inside the screen doors and not just throw them in the yard. And speaking of yards, he mowed a lot of lawns, and he didn’t have a self-propelled lawnmower. He paid for his first year of college with newspaper and lawn-mowing money.During High School, Ron worked in a drug store – his brothers said he worked there so he could eat ice cream when he wanted it – but he learned a lot about business and pharmacy that helped in years to come. He also had a part-time job painting the school in the summer and delivering furniture for a local store. In college, he delivered laundry, and he even delivered mail during the Christmas holidays.I actually came into the picture about 1952 when Ron was my escort to my 16th birthday party. Don’t tell anyone – but I asked him… actually my birthday is February 29th and it was a Sadie Hawkins-type party where the girls asked the boys… and I asked him.Ron was a track star in high school, winning state as a junior in the 220-yard dash and 2nd in the 440. He ran the 100 in 9.8, and that was pretty fast for the early 1950s. He was also on the wrestling team. He was president of the student council and an honor student while working and participating in sports.A serious knee injury took him out of major track (he beat one young man that went to the Olympics), but added swimming for therapy and he soon became a member of the college swim team. He was offered a full college scholarship to run track but did not accept it, feeling he might not be able to regain his speed. To this day he exercises with bicycle riding, walking, and swimming, and feels lucky that he can do these sports.We went away to college (different colleges in different states), but always kept in touch. On February 1, 1957, we married in an all-white wedding with the bridesmaids carrying armloads of red roses. The flower girl wore a white dress and sprinkled rose petals down the aisle. A fraternity brother of Ron’s sang “The Wedding Prayer” and the “Lord’s Prayer.” Both are very special to us, even today.We spent his last semester in college married, and living on the third floor of an old home in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. I worked as secretary to the faculty and attended some evening classes with Ron. For one year Ron was manager of the college coffee shop called “The Bullet Hole.” He worked as steward and house manager for his fraternity, and had a small scholastic scholarship to help finance his way through college.After college, we headed to Durham, North Carolina, where Ron attended Duke University School of Medicine. I worked as a medical secretary, and our first two children were born at Duke. We had a tiny little blue frame house that my grandmother called the “Doll House.” We thought it was wonderful.We were able to buy a registered collie for our big backyard, and she helped raise our first two children. Actually, she got us home one Thanksgiving because she had a litter of puppies – and we were able to sell one for $35, which gave us enough money for gas to drive home so the family could see our two beautiful children.After Medical School, we lived in Detroit, Michigan, where Ron did an internship and one year of an Internal Medicine Residency. I ran a dancing school in the basement of our home and taught ballet and tap dancing and baton twirling. Just to tell you what kind of budget we were on, the dancing school paid for the newspaper and for extra expenses we had when a month had five weeks!When the Cuban Crisis came, Ron answered his country’s call and became a flight surgeon in the United States Air Force. We received orders to move to San Antonio, Texas. On our way to Texas, we stopped in Pennsylvania long enough to have our third child delivered. Then we gathered up our kids and dogs and took off for Texas.Arriving with three children from ages 4 to 3 weeks old, we loved Texas immediately. Finding out we didn’t have to bother with snowsuits, mittens, and boots was an extra gift.Even when Ron was in the military, we kept working. I learned to cake decorate, which I have put to good use over the past years. And Ron learned to fly a plane, and he worked extra emergency-room duty. They were fun-filled years.We spent Ron’s tour of duty in San Antonio. When his tour was up, he completed his OB/GYN medical training, but he did stay in the Air National Guard for several years. He always believed that America should be ready to defend her borders.Then in 1968, on July 3rd we arrived in Brazoria County, Texas, and that has been our home since that day. Ron has delivered over 4,000 babies, and we have been married for over 50 years. We’ve raised a family of five children, and they have given us eighteen beautiful grandchildren, and one great-grandchild. We have friends all over the State of Texas as well as friends throughout the United States who believe in limited government. That in itself is a testimony to a great and humble man.So the American Dream came true for a boy who delivered newspapers, a teen-ager who mowed lawns, delivered milk, delivered furniture, delivered laundry, and delivered mail, and for a man who then delivered babies. Now that dream continues with a man who is trying to deliver the message that freedom works and that patriotism must not grow weak in the hearts of all Americans. And liberty reigns to help us hang on to our Republic for which the Founders gave their last measure of devotion.  

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Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) is an American veterans organization with over 2 million members. VFW works on behalf of American veterans by lobbying Congress for better veterans’ health care and benefits. The VFW also maintains a nationwide organization of employees and volunteers to assist veterans with their VA disability claims and job placement.

VFW also donates hundreds of thousands of dollars and millions of hours for community service. One of their most popular programs, Operation Uplink, provides free phone cards to overseas service members.
The political action committee for VFW, VFW-PAC, has repeatedly endorsed Ron Paul throughout his congressional career.


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